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Empowering Teams: From Vision to Action in 2 Dynamic Days

Goals. Collaboration. Team. Aligned. These were the top words used to describe 2 days of workshops I had the pleasure of facilitating this week. Lucky enough to have a truly engaged team (what a dream!), we started with a Visioning Lab, holding space for expansion and volume, generating ideas for meeting Q3 goals. On day 2, we focused on alignment, mapping ideas by impact and effort to prioritize the team’s focus.

I gave them 8 minutes to ideate alone before we began a group discussion, and they came up with 97 ideas. 97 in 8 minutes! From my experience, most team members are itching to contribute, to strategize, and to collaborate - sometimes they just need the right platform and environment. In my workshops we invite, and encourage, broad exploration, ‘wild ideas,’ and conflicting opinions. It’s in these spaces that we often find ourselves clustered in the center of the room, building something together, because we’ve first acknowledged and examined the edges.

Quotes from the team after included, “I could see the entire vision instead of just my own team’s.” “A fantastic planning resource for us.” “…a key moment for envisioning our goals and where we are headed as a team.” “Good to work together on what’s important.” “Love how interactive this call was.”

Gif of poll from workshop

I’m already looking forward to working with this group again on Q4 goals. 💜

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