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What's your verb?

Take action with ATE by Courtney King - where strategic guidance, collaborative artistry, and  innovative ways of working converge.

Let me introduce myself

Hello! I'm Courtney. 

I am a corporate facilitator, harnessing 13 years of marketing, strategy and operations experience in the entertainment industry, working behind the scenes with brands like Blue Man Group, Mean Girls, and New York City’s Broadway productions.  


My work leverages lessons learned in storytelling, flexibility, creative problem-solving, and audience engagement to intentionally convene teams and foster an environment where innovation thrives. 


I have helped teams navigate complex challenges and develop strategic plans from custom small-group workshops to large-scale conference presentations. My approach is grounded in creativity, inclusivity, and a little drama, to deliver memorable and impactful experiences.

Who my work is for

I specialize in collaboration, through the many ways team dynamics are reinforced in the workplace - from culture to process to meeting hygiene. My service building innovative ways of working empowers teams at critical inflection points - rapid growth, mergers & acquisitions, transition to remote/hybrid work - and groups who want to open communication and creativity pathways. 

Courtney's work is a game-changer! She makes workshops and team facilitation seem effortless, incredibly enjoyable and engaging. She helped build a culture of collaboration and communication. Without reservation, I wholeheartedly recommend Courtney for any project.

Jimena, Head of People & Culture

Facilitation client

ATE Programs

Rebooting rituals for success

Meeting reboot

Are you meeting with intention? Recurring meetings can lose their purpose over time resulting in inefficiency. I audit and refine your team's rituals, ensuring each meeting is a strategic step toward your goals, maximizing productivity, and making every moment meaningful.

Where meetings take flight

Meeting and workshop facilitation

Experience the transformative power of facilitated meetings tailored to your team. I bring a fresh and dynamic perspective, empowering your team to identify a clear vision, enhance teamwork, and achieve extraordinary outcomes for meetings that matter.

Teamwork takes center stage

Developing team dynamics

Experience a theatrical twist on teamwork, communication, and innovation ensuring your collective efforts drive unparalleled success. Participants will gain actionable skills that foster connection and enhance creativity.

Crafting culture, fostering camaraderie

Workflow consulting

Does your company have an established Ways of Working? I provide a structured approach for the transition from processes no longer serving your organization to an optimized state. My work helps organizations minimize resistance, increase innovation, and achieve their strategic goals through documentation, training, and change management.

Inspiring passion-fueled performance

Corporate speaking engagements

What has over a decade on the business side of the entertainment industry taught me? That there's no such thing as a one man show. Appreciating everyone's unique approach and ability, and leveraging those skills on your team can unlock passion-fueled performance that deserves a standing ovation.

ATE Signature Workshop

Where Teamwork Takes Center Stage

Raise the curtain on collaboration in this dynamic one-day workshop led by a seasoned strategy and operations expert with over 13 years in the entertainment industry. ATE by Courtney King’s signature workshop artfully blends behind-the-scenes skills with interactive discussions, backstage secrets, and memorable activities. This workshop promises a theatrical twist on teamwork, communication, and innovation. Participants will gain actionable skills that foster connection and enhance creativity.

Choose between virtual or in-person delivery for this immersive experience. Give your team the star treatment and add a group theater experience to level-up learnings.

List of verbs

Ready to find your verb?

Book a free discovery conversation to learn how my services could help.

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